Why Password Managers Are Both More Convenient and Secure

I recently read a post on Reddit that says coming up with their customized password system/scheme is sufficient. An example system is this: If you used the last three letters of a website in reverse and add math, every website is easy. For example: Reddit -> Tid12*12=144 Yahoo -> Ooh12*12=144 This post is a response to the Reddit post. In my view, a password manager offers higher security, convenience, and ease of management.

First Post - Why Blog

Why BlogI have wanted to start a blog for more than 2 years, but procrastination and (mild) perfectionism got the best of me. This very post was actually filled with lorem ipsum until today (2023-10-30). I have finally bit the bullet and started writing my first post. Yay! But let’s rewind and explore why I wanted to start a blog or personal website in the first place. To share and connect with the worldThe beauty of the World Wide Web is that anyone can start a website and share their thoughts with the world.